Social media optimization

Social media plays a vital role as a marketing channel for many sites and ecommerce stores. Do you know when to post, or what kind of posts drive the best results? Crono analyses your social media effectiveness in real time and tells how much effort to put on social media posts and ads.

Real time, social media never sleeps

Best time to post

How often to post

The most effective ads and campains

Long term social media development

Reports and a constantly updating task lists.

Social mesia

Social media as a marketing channel

Crono is here to save time and to tell you what to do and when to do it. And since social media is only one part of running an effective website or ecommerce store, it is important to know how much time should be used on social media efforts and what kind of material to post.

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More Social Features

Social media marketing is a vital part of marketing. Crono provides you with e.g:

An overview of followers

Information on which kind of posts work best

FB & IG best practises

Social media PPC campaigns optimization

Ads frequency

Best times to post