Search Engine Optimization

Search engines drive traffic to your site for free, but only if your site or ecommerce store is offering greater value in comparison to your competitors. Crono crawls through both your and your competitors' sites and provides a detailed plan, which tells step-by-step how to rank higher on the most valuable terms.

Continously updating. Find new opportunities every month.

Goes through all your sites to find the best opportunities

Finds the lowest hanging fruits to make sure you use your time efficiently.

Page to page comparison. Why do your competitors rank higher, and what to do about it?

Linking opportunities and link hierarchy optimization

Rank tracking and reporting to keep you up to date.


SEO is one part of success

SEO is one of the main elements to focus on when you're striving for long term success. Crono will give you the steps to increase your organic traffic as a part of a complete digital marketing strategy. The true beauty of Crono is its ability to tell when to focus on SEO and when to focus on other aspects of your site's performance.

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More SEO Features

As a part of the SEO checklist, Chrono checks for

Linking, internal and external

Titles and meta descriptions.

Content quality and word count

Image optimization

Click through rate

User experience