Automated data-analyst

A huge amount of valuable data gets collected every time a potential customers makes a search or browses your website and social media accounts. Combining that data with our AI technology will tell you exactly what to do to get the most out of your time and resources

Continuously updating. Find new opportunities every month.

Goes through all your sites to find best opportunities

Finds lowest hanging fruits to make sure you use your time efficiently.

Seo, PPC, social media, and conversion rate optimization insights

Scheduling ensures you know what's the most important for business growth

Reports and constantly updating tasks lists.


Data unveils potential

Data tells where the money is.
By analyzing your PPC, SEO, Social, on-site and competitor data is a huge task to do. Specially, because data is continuously developing and evolving. With AI based automation, are you able to get all the data turned into actionable steps. Crono is all about collecting all your data, analyzing it, and telling exactly what to do to get most of your time and resources.

Data shows where the best potential of growth lies. Extensive analysis of data from all data sources enhances growth and enables focusing on key developments. However, the sheer amount of data makes analyzing it efficiently very difficult, or at least time consuming: especially now when the digital world is living in constant change. With Crono, you can turn this data into clear and concise steps to further improve the cash flow of your website or online store.

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More Features

As a part of data analytics, Crono checks your page for e.g:

Organic traffic opportunities

PPC optimization

Conversion optimization ideas

Social media precense

Competition analysis

Time and efficiency estimations