Resourcing made simple

The biggest issue about digital marketing is usually not the lack of expertise or skills - the biggest bottleneck is time. What should one do to get the most out of the available time? Crono has the answer.

Continously updating. Find new opportunities every month.

Goes through all your data-sources to find best opportunities

Get step by step instructions to the most important tasks

Get a good overview of your site

PPC, SEO, Social, CRO... Crono has your back

Something went wrong? Worry not, all prior versions are saved


Time and value

Crono calculates the estimated time for each action it proposes, and provides an estimate of the possible change in monetary value that the action will bring. For example, if Crono calculates that a 3-hour project will bring in additional sales worth of € 5,000, while another 1-hour job will bring in additional sales worth of € 1,000, it will first propose the 3-hour project, as the value of the hour is higher. Don't have time to do more than 2 hours a month? No problem - Crono tells you how to use those hours in the best possible way!

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More Scheduling Features

Scheduling is the backbone of Crono. When you choose Crono as your assistant:

You will always be focused on the most important tasks

You don't have to use your time on watching multiple data-sources

You have a powerful AI based, ever-learning algorithm monitoring your site.

You will get projects, large or small, done

All changes you make can be documented

Save money compared to hiring a data-analyst