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Crono analyzes your site's Google Ads advertising, search engine visibility, social media activity, and your website's visitor data to provide you with the best opportunities for growth!

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Data-analytics automated

Know exactly where the fruit hangs the lowest for sales and traffic!

SEO and conversion opportunities.

You have an enormous amount of data about your visitors and advertisements. Crono will analyze all your data to find the best opportunities to increase traffic and sales on your website. Its AI based technology will show what changes should be made to the site and how those changes will effect your traffic and conversions.

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Optimized PPC campaigns

Let's face it: the biggest time-eater in effective PPC campaigns (like Google and Facebook ads) is finding keywords and campaigns with sub-optimal performance figures and fixing them. Crono will find the best opportunities for you to make the most of your PPC budget: lowering click prices, analyzing quality scores and more. And from everything Crono finds, you get a detailed and easy instructions report to fix the issue - complete with approximations of money and time saved!

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Conversion optimization opportunities

It doesn't really make sense to pay for visitors that who don't convert, now does it? Crono crawls tirelessly through your website's analytics to find the best opportunities to grow your conversions. With Crono, you'll save a ton of time and get better results!

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Social media optimization

Every site has a different audience. With Crono you will know when to post, what to post and what will work best for engagement and conversions. Find precise opportunities to grow your social media presence with detailed instructions!

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Make the most of your time!

Advanced AI technology will tell which tasks yield the biggest ROI for your invaluable time. Let Crono know how many hours a month you are able to spend optimizing your SEO, PPC, CRO and social media marketing, and it will tailor a step-by-step plan for every single month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If your question is not answered in this FAQ, don't hesitate to contact us!

Is this a secure site for purchases?

Absolutely! We work with top payment companies (Stripe) which guarantee your safety and security. All billing information is stored in the database of our payment processing partner who holds the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime in your account. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged in the next billing period. You will continue to have access to your account until your current subscription expires.

How long are your contracts?

Currently, we offer monthly and yerly subscriptions. You can upgrade, degrade or cancel your subscription at any time with no further obligations!

Can I update my card details?

Yes. Go to the billing section of your dashboard and update your payment information-

Is my ecommerce data safe?

Absolutely. Crono only analyzes your data. We do not change or store it.

Can I try your service for free?

Of course! We’re happy to offer a free, 7 day trial for anyone interested to try Crono out!

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